February 19, 2021

We want to hear from you! 👀

Hello friends of LCF and Progreso! (In case you’ve missed us: here are the last few Chisme Politico newsletters if you need to catch up: https://progresowa2021.medium.com/)

If you attended any of our meetings with legislators or watched our panels on Facebook: fill out this feedback survey and tell us what you thought! We’d love to feature you in this newsletter or on Facebook!

Quick Refresher 😊

Bills do all sorts of things in session! We’ve got bills that go to “committee”, some that have public hearings, and others simply “die” on the floor. Then there’s talks of Appropriations and Ways…

February 5, 2021

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) 👀

Hello friends of LCF and Progreso! ICYMI: Here are the last few Chisme Politico newsletters if you need to catch up: https://progresowa2021.medium.com/

If you’re new around here, Chisme Politico is our weekly newsletter that covers any 2021 Legislative Session key updates to keep you informed and in the loop without having to jump from the legislature website to Twitter or your Facebook page which just gets flooded with bad memes and dad jokes. Let’s breakdown what really is “Chisme Politico” with a quick etymology lesson:

*clears throat and puts on reading glasses*

“Chisme” — Believe it or…

January 29, 2021

Insurrection, Impeachment, Inauguration, & Investments 🗳️

¡Hola Chisme Político friends! Phew…We’ve virtually wrapped up January 2021, and it feels as if each week it’s harder to catch up with both state/local and national news (Vikings storming the Capitol….Redditors taking hold of GameStop stock ….Yet another impeachment….the list goes on). In this week’s newsletter, we want to share vital information that breaks down the most important legislative process (how a bill becomes a law) and all the latest legislative session chisme.

Introducing 👋🏼: Community Member Highlight

Progreso WA: Latino Progress

Progreso ensures that Latino communities are fairly represented in Washington State’s social, economic, and political systems.

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